Hillbrook- Ogletree Village Neighborhood Covenants and Architectural Guidelines

The HOVHOA Board of Directors is the governing body put in place to oversee and regulate neighborhood compliance to the Covenants. It is the responsibility of the Board to notify residents when a compliance issue is recognized.

Issues may be brought to the Board’s attention in a number of ways (phone, email, letters, etc.) and are usually brought by concerned neighbors.

If you have a concern about a possible Covenant violation, please feel free to contact the Board.

Maintaining your home to the standards of the HOV Neighborhood Covenants and Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Guidelines is your responsibility as a homeowner.

Additionally, adhering to our neighborhood Covenants is a legal and binding agreement that you made when you purchased your home.  Our Covenants are designed to protect the long term investment value of your home, as well as the beauty and environment of the neighborhood in which we live. Non-compliance with Covenants could result in possible legal or monetary penalties in the form of fines or even a lien placed on your property.

Please do your part to help us all protect our investment.

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is a sub-committee of the HOV Board of Directors put in place to oversee and approve real property improvements.  If you are planning on making any changes to the appearance of your property, you may be subject to a review by the ARC. 

Please contact us by phone or email prior to starting your project see if you will require a review.

NOTE: Please remember that there could be possible legal or monetary penalties for proceeding with projects that do not meet the requirements of the Neighborhood Covenants and the ARC.

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Architectural Change Request Form

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HOVHOA Covenants, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

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Maibox Standards

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