Frequently Asked Questions

What are covenants?

Covenants are a set of rules and standards that are created by the association with the primary goal of maintaining property values. The covenants address a wide range subjects including: landscape maintenance, parking on the street, stowing of trashcans, signs, parking of boats, trailers and other recreational vehicles, screen doors, satellite dishes, mailboxes, toys, basketball goals, and several others.

A list that addresses the most commonly observed violations is available. In addition, the complete set of covenants is also available.

What is the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)?

The ARC is a committee that is tasked with approving all proposed changes to the exterior of any of the dwellings in the association. At the point that a homeowner is considering making changes to the appearance of the outside of their property, they are required to fill out a form to have the changes approved. A description of the changes along with any illustrations is requested as part of the form. Once the form is received, the committee chair will then schedule a time for the committee to visit the property and gain and understanding of the proposed changes. At that point the project will either be approved or denied. The committee may require alterations to the project plan before approving said plan.

Typical projects that require approval include, re-landscaping of a property, removal or addition of a tree, additions to dwellings, pergolas, patios, sidewalks, and fences. If you are in doubt, fill out a form to be safe.

Projects that proceed without an approved plan risk considerable expense if the association requires modification or removal of the project deliverables.

What day is garbage picked up? 

Waste is usually picked up on Tuesdays (except when a holiday interferes). This includes yard debris, recyclables and household trash. Please visit the City of Auburn website to ascertain details about waste requirements. Please also be aware that yard waste should NOT be placed in the street or along the curb, but rather in a corner of the driveway. Lawn clippings and other debris can easily clog storm water drains.

In accordance with city ordinances, allow for trash receptacles to be placed at the curb the day before pickup (Monday) and require that they be re-stowed by the end of the day after trash pickup (Wednesday).

Trash receptacles should be stowed out of site from the front street, preferably in the garage or in the back yard. Alternatively, they may be stored alongside the dwelling, provided they are substantially masked from view by a shrub or other obstacle, such as a fence.

What do homeowners fees cover? 

Annual homeowner’s dues cover a variety of cost for the homeowners association. The largest portion of the dues goes to cover the maintenance of the common areas which include the pool property, the center of Overcup circle, and the posts that all the stop signs are on. In addition the Association maintains the Ogletree Village side of Ogletree Road and the entrance to Hillbrook Circle. Proceeds of dues collection are also spent on administrative costs such as sending out annual letters, covenants enforcement, website maintenance, liability insurance, and telephone costs. A detailed breakdown of budgeted costs is available to any property owner upon request.

What do twin home fees cover?

In addition to the yearly association dues, owners of the Twin Homes pay a monthly maintenance fee that is dependent on the size of the property. This fee covers the costs for their lawn services. In addition, a portion of the fee is invested in a “roof fund” to cover replacement of roofs at the end of their useful life. This is not intended to take the place of home owner’s insurance coverage for acts of nature and other such coverable expenses. Finally, a smaller portion of the fee is reserved for maintenance of the exterior white fences associated with the twin homes. For more details about what the Twin Homes maintenance fee covers please see sections 5.12 and 5.13 of the Association Bylaws.

Who do I contact if I have a neighborhood problem or concern?

If you have a neighborhood concerns please contact any of the following: the representatives from your area (Hillbrook, Ogletree, or Twin Homes), the association manager (334-750-0754 or, the association president.

Please be aware that some problems or concerns are not best handled by the association. Feel free to keep the association leadership informed, but try to pursue the avenue where the responding party has the most authority.

Where will my kids go to public schools?

Our neighborhood is zoned for the following Auburn City Schools:
Auburn Early Education Center (K2)
Hillbrook – Dean Road Elementary School (First – Fifth Grade)
Ogletree Village and Twin Homes – Ogletree Elementary School (Third – Fifth Grade)
Drake Middle School (Sixth Grade)
East Samford (7th Grade)
Auburn Junior High School (Eighth and Ninth Grade)
Auburn High School (Tenth – Twelfth Grade)

Bus Routes

What is the typical school year?

Schools open in late August and close in early May. Auburn University follows a similar schedule Please check the Auburn City Schools and Auburn University  websites for specific details.

Where can (or cannot) place my satellite dish?

When the covenants were originally written, satellite dishes were not nearly as prevalent as they are today. Because of the changes in the popularity and affordability of this technology, the association has had to adapt.

Satellite dishes are permitted in the BACK yard and should be mounted on a pole rather than on the roof or side of a dwelling. Satellite dishes that are not properly located may be required to be moved.

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